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Jauda-koks LTD is one of the most experienced companies in European wood impregnation market. Access to high quality raw materials and many years of experience in this business gives us a significant advantage in a competitive environment.

Our advantages:

  • High product quality.

  • Flexibility in the procurement;

  • Fast delivery to the customer`s warehouse anywhere in the 

Ltd. "Jauda koks" experience


Established as a private company

in 1992, but production since sixties. 50 years of experience in the field

of impregnation.

Ltd "Jauda koks" Specialization


Main product: Impregnated wooden poles for overhead power and telecommunication lines.

Ltd "Jauda koks" capacity


Manufacturing capacity: 50-100 thousand poles per year.

Pole lengths 7- 16 m;

Tanalith E treated poles;

Creosoted poles.

KIWA certified
ISO 9001


Nowadays Suntažu factory is equipped with

two 24 m long autoclaves

rough and smooth peeling machines

unique 26m long solid wood kiln drier, allowing us to prepare wood for impregnation in approximately 10 days

Jauda koks Ltd. mostly wood pole is dried naturally - 6 to 9 months, in a warehouse storing at least 30,000 post. Wrought use only urgent execution of orders, where humidity naturally raisined wood still has not reached the 25% level.

Main orders are for Tanalith E impregnated poles, but every year the Jauda-koks LTD produces and exports also a significant amount of creosoted poles. Main market for us is the Middle East and North Africa, where poles are sent in 40 `sea containers. Company nowadays is a leading supplier in some of Middle East countries.


Company awards, achievements, activities

August 2018

Based on good development last years Jauda-koks got an award from Latvian Investment and Development Agency as second best exporter of the country among small and medium enterprises, therefore we have a right to use for our marketing activities special logo.


February 2018

From 7th to 9th of March Jauda-koks participated at the biggest exhibition of our industry Middle East Energy in Dubai.

From 7th to 9th of March Jauda-koks participated at the biggest exhibition of our industry Middle East Energy in Dubai.

May 2017

22/05/2017 Jauda-koks signed a contract Nr SKV-L-2017/278 with Latvian Investment and Development Agency to support Jauda-koks marketing activities

Latvian Investment and Development Agency

Company Awards in 2016

Ogre District Entrepreneurs Awards -- "Stability and growth in 2016"

European Business Awards- "National champion 2016/17
Ogre District Entrepreneurs Awards -- "Stability and growth in 2016"

European Business Awards- "National champion 2016/17

Company history

"Jauda-koks " LTD is a private company which was founded when Latvia got the independence in 1992. Company privatized two manufacturing factories - Suntazi and Kandava, where wooden poles were produced since sixties. Since the same people continued to work in new company, we can say that "Jauda-Koks" LTD is one of the oldest impregnation companies in Eastern Europe. For some time in local market Jauda-koks was the only impregnation service provider with water-soluble wood preservatives, and all the leading woodworking companies used our service. After Soviet system collapsed and demand in domestic market reduced, we had to adapt to the new market conditions, and started our export activities. In 1995 "Jauda-Koks" LTD bought high-quality peeling machine FML-10 from German manufacturer „Bezner”. Smooth peeled wood poles for many years was the main export product of all leading impregnation plants in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Scandinavia and other countries, where manufacturers had already many years of experience in export markets. Since then, the wood poles are manufactured in accordance with conditions of international standards: BS-1990, NF C 67-100, ANSI O5.1, EN-351, etc. At the beginning of the century, "Jauda- Koks" LTD gradually began to conquer the market of impregnated poles with deliveries directly to the customers in Europe, Middle East and Africa. Due to the outstanding quality and gained trust, the orders of impregnated poles increased, allowing "Jauda-Koks" LTD to abandon any export of untreated poles, but selling product with a high added value instead. EU biocides directive in the 2006 prohibited wood preservatives containing arsenic and many impregnation companies had to find the alterantive. Jauda-koks LTD modernized Suntazi factory and started impregnation with wood preservative Tanalith E. The improved efficiency of production allowed us to produce the necessary amount of poles in one factory and we were able to use our second factory to start another business.

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